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As a long time cannabis connoisseur and conscientious critic in concentrates, I have always found myself trying to piece together the perfect kit that would include all the essentials while still being portable enough to take to places on the go. Unlike subscription boxes, these kits are made to last while highlighting high quality products essential to the practice.
Premiere Class

Herban Iguana wanted to build a kit designed specifically to provide all the essentials needed by the average cannabis flower enthusiast. Using our own personal experience through the years, we put together an all-star lineup of accessories we believe would best elevate your flower experience.

Nimble Class

Want to enjoy some concentrate and don’t have a torch or don’t want to attract attention with a 4-inch flame? Discrete, compact and easy to use, Herban Iguana has built a kit specifically designed for you.

Master Class

Exclusively created for the skilled concentrate connoisseur like yourself, Herban Iguana’s Master Class is well, master of its class. Whether you want to take it on the go, set up shop at home or bring it along to a friend’s house, the master class is equipped with everything you’ll need.

Rolling Class

Introducing the Rolling Class, a kit designed for those who prefer to roll their herb instead of burning it in a bowl. With hundreds of different rolling paper brands out in the cannabis world, we wanted to make things easier for you and stick to offering the best quality products on the market.

Why Herban
Our goal with these kits is to deliver an experience that brings the best-quality and truly appreciated selection of essentials made by the industry's leading names you trust most.
Featured Tiers

Choose Your Class

Premiere Class

MJ Arsenal Mini Bong | Sharpstone v.2 Grinder | LighterBro | Moose Labs
MouthPeace | Beeline Hemp Wick | Revelry Case

Nimble Class

MJ Arsenal Mini Dab Rig | GPen Connect | Dank Dabber | Cana Bird Swab | Revelry Case

Master Class

MJ Arsenal Mini Dab Rig | Blazer Big Buddy Turbo | Dank Dabber | ODT - Custom Temper | Quartz Banger | Carb Cap | Flower Bowl | Cana Bird Swab | Revelry Case

Rolling Class

Raw/OCB/Element Rolling Paper Booklet | Organic Hemp Rolling Paper Booklet | Filter Tip Booklet | Beeline Hemp Wick - OG & Thick | Herban Iguana Lighter

"If you substitute marijuana for tobacco and alcohol, you'll add eight to 24 years to your life." -Jack Herer

1. Are these subscription boxes?

No, these are not subscription boxes. Instead, these are curated kits that are specifically designed to fit the needs of flower and concentrate consumers.

2. What if I need a refill of Beeline Hemp Wick or Moose Labs Filters?

Refills can be purchased through the original company websites, like or Some smoke shops may also carry their products but please check ahead of time.

3. Will the products in the boxes always be the same?

Since a few of the products are limited edition, kits will be the same until they are sold out or a new series of kits are ready to be introduced with a new line up of limited-edition products.

4. Are these kits customizable?

The items within the kits are not customizable. However, we leave the foam unpicked, allowing for our customer to place the items completely to their desire. In addition, Revelry offers a customizable name plate that comes with each hardcase. Just follow their simple instructions and pick n’ pluck the foam the way you want it and you’ll have your very own unique customized case!

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Featuring MJ Arsenal’s Limited Edition Mini Rigs from their Color Drop Series of 2020: Matrix Green, Lavender and Amber.
Water Pipe. A Revolutionized way for a smooth cold hit. Grind it, pack it, store it and Elevate.
Classy look, odor-absorbing carbon filter, fiberglass reinforced, and ready for anything you throw at it, literally!
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